Winter IS Coming!


Home owner tips without a full home inspection!

Thank you again for joining my blog. My name is Jon Wells and I am a local home inspector based out of Boyd, Texas. Today we won’t be talking about home inspections per say, but rather home ownership tips that you can perform to get ready for the coming winter months. Being a home inspector, I look for things that affect you and your family’s safety as well as items that could become a major financial burden.  As temperatures begin to fall, your homes systems will need to go through some changes and or checkups. An optimized house is much safer and more reliable to hold up against costly damages. Below are just a few things home owners can or should do to prepare for the long colder months.

Call an HVAC company to inspect your furnace and or other heating equipment in the home. It is a good idea to have this equipment cleaned and fully serviced prior to first use, especially if you have a gas system. Things such as ducts, burners and or filters should be inspected, cleaned and or replaced to help the system work properly and with less stress.


Have a licensed plumber winterize your home. Exterior main pipes, hose bibs and even water irrigations systems should be insulated and in cases of irrigation system, they should be purged. Any freezing water in those lines can cause hoses to leak and be very costly to repair. As for other items such as exposed pipes, you should have them thermal wrapped. This will help reduce the chances of your pipes freezing when exposed to outside temperatures. This is a condition mostly found in homes of the pier and beam style.



As a home inspector, I cannot stress enough to have smoke detectors in every sleeping room and common area, such as adjacent hallways and kitchen. It’s always good to have extra batteries on hand and be sure to change them periodically per manufacturer’s instructions. It would also be wise to install separate carbon monoxide detectors near your furnace and water heater if you have gas equipment. Carbon monoxide is heavier than air so please install per manufacturers recommendations and make sure to test both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working properly and purchase a fire extinguisher or two and have them located in areas that grant easy access.


All of the items listed above are evaluated during any home inspection service, whether it is a full home inspection, 11 month warranty inspection or an inspection for a buyer or seller. Again our main concerns are you and your family’s safety and protecting your investment from costly repairs and or surprises.  If you are in need of any home inspection services in Boyd, Texas or any outlying areas, please don’t hesitate to call 817-542-6268 toady!

Jonnie Wells

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