Summer Lovin - "that air conditioner"

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As you guessed it. Our first topic is air conditioning. First of all we're not going to get to much into the inner workings of the HVAC system, but lean more towards what you can do as a home owner to prolong the life of your system and stay comfortable. Try and picture your HVAC system as being alive. What is one thing we need to stay alive? We need air. We need to breath. Your HVAC system is no different. It essentially breaths in the air in your home, filters it and expels it back into the home for your comfort. How does it filter? Glad you asked. :)


All systems have filters of varying sizes, shapes and materials. These filters are located in the air returns of the home. These returns can be found in varying places, but most cases are in the ceiling in a hallway. This return has a filter that is designed to protect the unit, not for air quality as most may think. Now that you know that the filter is not for you per say and for your HVAC's system protection, you may think about it differently.

The one main thing to keep in mind is that they must be changed on a regular basis. Dirty filters can cause a number of issues. Have you ever had frozen lines, water condensate build up in the drip pan? These are all common problems from having an air filter that needs to be changed. It is recommended that these be replaced once every 30 days depending on the location and size of the filter. See some example below.

Dirty vs Clean

Frozen Lines


As you can see. A simple and relative inexpensive replacement part can save you a lot of time and costs in having to call out a professional HVAC technician. We're not saying that these conditions may never arise even when maintaining your system, but this will help reduce the some of the common symptoms we've discussed.


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