Preventative Maintenance Inspection - Is It a Smart Choice

Hello everyone and welcome back! I'd like to ask a question that I have been asking myself as of late.

Why do people perform preventative maintenance on their cars, their health and in some cases their phones or computers with upgrades or virus protections or any other number of things, but most fail to do this very thing with what is most likely the biggest investment of their lives? Sure some get home inspections when they buy a home... But is that enough? Should people not expect or want to know more about the condition of their home a year or two years after their purchase?

One of the biggest things to take from a home inspection is that conditions change over time. People get a home inspection to limit surprise costs before making the purchase, but would it be beneficial to also stay aware of the condition of your home after you have moved in? Learn more about what you can do to preserve your home? Let's face it, surprises can arise at any time and costs can easily get away from a home owner.

So can a preventative maintenance inspection protect you from systems breaking down? Of course not, all systems break down eventually, but it can help you stay ahead of those costly repairs. Help you know when and where you should start budgeting for replacement systems and or upgrades and help reduce those costly surprises!

So in closing, is it worth it? Drop us comment, e-mail or call to inquire more about what we can do to help!