Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I know, I know... we pretty much live on the surface of the sun and can see undesirable high temperatures going well into September and October... Well I'm being a bit more optimistic this year and ready to do this fall home check list! We all know the daily grind can get to any of us and it's never a bad thing to have something to fall back on to make sure you're keeping up with your home maintenance duty's.

So here we have a basic check list. Nothing serious, nothing that most any home owner can't do themselves.

  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test

  • Check fire extinguishers

  • Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter

  • Drain sediment from hot water heater

  • Vacuum refrigerator coils

  • Insulate exposed pipes as needed

  • Schedule furnace inspection

  • Remove or cover window air conditioners

  • Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned

  • Turn off outdoor water supply, remove and store hoses

  • Inspect roof for damage

  • Clean gutters

  • Inspect caulk around windows and doors; recaulk as needed

  • Clean up leaves and other yard debris

  • Trim trees and shrubs away from house

  • Inspect deck for any nails or screws that may be popping up

So there you have it. Nothing serious, nothing to out of the ordinary and or to tasking. Remember, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all. Your home is your castle. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

As always, protect yourself when working around the home and don't do anything you do not feel comfortable doing.

The Wells Inspection Group