Everything Starts with your Foundation

Every homes foundation is subjected to the weather and elements from rain, snow, wind and even the sun. In Texas this can be even more detrimental to a foundation due to what is referred to as expansive soils. Expansive soils react in some ways like a sponge. When there is excess moisture it will swell and in a drier season, it will contract.

The most common foundation in Texas is called slab-on-grade. Unfortunately this is also the foundation that has the most problems with expansive soils. When soils expand and contract, pressure can create uplift against concrete slabs, causing damages such as cracking, water leaks, broken pipes or water lines, and interior drywall damage.

Here is a quick check list that you can use to inspect your home for possible foundation issues:


1. Cracks in foundation

2. Cracks in wall coverings

3. Dry cracks in yard (soil separation from home)

4. Water standing in areas near supply pipes


1. Cracks in walls or ceilings

2. Doors and windows not operating properly

3. Sudden increase in water bill

It is estimated that expansive soils cause 15 billion dollars in damages a year to homes and the sooner you identify a problem and get it repaired, the less money it could potentially cost you as a home owner. While the above list is short, it can be extremely useful to identify potential problems early. Don't wait until you check off all these symptoms before having a professional do a full inspection of your home.

A Few Things To Do Around The Home:

1. Make sure storm water is directed away from the foundation

2. Make sure gutters are clean and well maintained

3. Use soaker hoses to water the foundation during dry seasons

4. Maintain a consistent level of moisture around the home (not to wet or to dry)

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule a preventative maintenance inspection, give us a call... we'd be happy to help!



Problematic Foundation Symptoms