Dear Stressed out Seller,

In most real estate transactions there are agents, buyers and of course you, the seller. It is easy to lose track of the little things and details in the shuffle and let's face it, this deal is just as important to you as it is to any of the other party's involved to have a smooth transaction and worry free deal. In saying that, you as the seller have just as much or more stress in this deal than anyone. Well we're here to shed some light on what may make the selling of your home a little easier and flow better from the home inspection side of the deal.

The Pre-Listing Inspection

Most sellers pass on getting a pre-listing inspection on their home, but we feel this is one of the BEST options to prepare you to have your home in order and ready for the buyers home inspector, as well as having time to fix some of the issues that you may have with the home. Let's face it, the better condition a home is in, the more likely you'll get what you ask for with little to no table talks. So what is a pre-listing inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is fundamentally the same as a buyers home inspection, but is not to be used as a buyers inspection. Now that I've made that about as clear as mud, we'll move on.

During a pre-lisiting inspection, an inspector will inspect the home just as they would for a buyer. This will provide you, the seller, with a list of areas and concerns to address either before listing your home or during. It is best to do before listing. Why before? Every seller is looking to market a home in hopes of selling quickly and getting what they deserve from the sale. You can use the fact that the home was pre-inspected and repairs were done on specific dates. This is a HUGE marketing tool that all sellers could be taking advantage of. This shows buyers you are not only in the market to sell your home, but you are doing something that shows them that you are vested in the buyers investment as well. That can go a long way with a buyer! It can also create a bidding war. What seller doesn't want more than one offer that goes above and beyond the asking price?

We can go on and on about what an inspector will look for during the pre-inspection, and we will cover those topics later. Our main goal right now is to educate sellers on an option they may not know about or even consider when selling their home. Most if not all home inspection companies offer pre-listing inspections, but not all companies use the same business model. Here we offer pre-listing inspections at a no upfront cost to the seller. We will perform the inspection, provide you with a full report to use for repairs and you can have the title company pay us when your home sells! And remember, if you get a home that is part of a bidding war this pre-listing inspection becomes virtually a free marketing tool for you! Who doesn't like free!? :)

The Wells Inspection Group