Curb appeal

Good morning! Anyone selling a home or has sold a home has heard the words "curb appeal" at some point in time in their life. Is it important? Of course it is... people are drawn to things that are pleasing to the eye and a home is no different.

Now for me, I'd probably kill a fake plant, but I can give advice on what you can do to help drawl in people to make them more excited about the home you have on the market.

1. Shrubs - all shrubs should be well trimmed and uniformed if they are the same type. It's as easy as having some garden shears and just making some simple clips to bring them together.

2. Mulch - this doesn't seem like much, but creating colorful bedding for trees and or flower beds near the home can make a huge difference.

3. Paint - painting trim work can make a world of difference. Important to use a color that is neutral. Not everyone has the same taste and because your favorite color is purple doesn't mean it will please everyone. Remember you are selling your home so you want it to appeal to someone else.

4. Lawn care - again this is all about pleasing the next person in line for your home. Watering the lawn and keeping it well maintained for the time your home is on the market is and inexpensive way to drawl people in as well as make those online photos stand out!

We'll keep it short and sweet! Remember there are many things you can do to make that home stand out and if you are not the only one on the block selling a home, it is even that much more important to be different! Hope you all have a wonderful day and if you need or have any questions please feel free to give us a call! We're always happy to help!