Water is the most damaging element to a home. The amount or levels of damage that can be related to moisture are endless and can become an expensive item to repair. We are trained to know and inspect the common areas and use tools such as moisture meters to determine the level of moisture to reduce your chances of surprises.

The roof is another major system of the home. This is designed to keep water or moisture and other elements out of the home. It's main purpose to protect what is known as the live load of a home, which consists of people, furnishings and home finishings. We walk every roof barring any unsafe conditions that may exist or in cases of new construction where some builders will void a roof warranty.

The two most common systems are aerobic and gravity. It is important to have systems inspected prior to purchasing a home to help reduce the chances that a system is damaged and or inoperable which can lead to high repair costs.

Plumbing is one of the major systems within a home. We evaluate areas for functional flow, leaks and or back ups and damages that may have come from previous water intrusion.